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at Granzer-Sound-Music Edition & Records.

It was founded by Alfred Granzer in the mid- 70`s.

As he became a successful musical artist and band leader he was producing and presenting together with his wife Tina-Kathrin many shows and formations world-wide. They play all kinds of music: Jazz , pop and classical music.

The ideas from Granzer-Sound-Music were always presented individually and humorously, especially on TV or Videos. Lots of people truly enjoyed watching these funny shows.

Their products were trend-setters in fashion like the Jungle-Look. Also the musical sound was induced to get more jungle-like and more tropical.

The new funny show called Don`t forget to smile is presented in China as a Chinese version and it is top-entertainment for both young and old.

Now we wish you a lot of fun with our music- videos as well as the MP3 songs.

Don`t forget to laugh!!! Enjoy our presentations.

We are always good for a surprise!!!

The Granzer`s

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